Crystal Scotti
3415 Our Street, North Pole, Alaska 99705
Phone (907) 488-1908
Fax (866) 581-4308

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Objective: To assist court reporters in producing transcripts.

A professional note-reading scopist for nearly 20 years, I have extensive experience in realtime scoping, deposition work, and court work, covering all types of subject matter, from the easiest personal injury cases to heavy technical cases. A perpetual student of the English language, I consistently maintain a professional level of spelling, punctuation, and grammar skills.

IBM-compatible, Pentium IV computer. ProCAT Winner 2000 and Winner XP software, Total Eclipse software, and DigitalCAT software.
Reference Materials:
SearchMaster; Stedman’s Medical Dictionary 3.0; Dorland’s Medical Dictionary; The Oxford Dictionary; American Heritage Talking Dictionary, Third Edition; Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary 3.0; Medical Drug Reference 4.5; Gilbert’s Dictionary of Legal Terms; Precision Mapping Quick Finder 3.0 (street maps of the U.S.); Gregg Reference Manual, Ninth Edition; Morson's English Guide for Court Reporters; One Word, Two Words, Hyphenated?; and many, many research sites on the Internet.


I would be happy to provide references upon request.
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